"Latin Hip with European Polish" sums up Argentina...

It's the nueva Argentina, created by the fiercely loyal Argentine young and legions of foreign and local artists transforming this sprawling metropolis into a throbbing hothouse of cool. Musicians, designers, chefs, artists, writers and filmmakers are sinking their teeth into the city's transcontinental mix of Latin hip and European polish, making Buenos Aires the most alluring new destination for tourists.

It's the nueva cuisine, a bubbling pot of Latin taste sensations created by Argentina's unique mix of immigrants in combination with the country's vast natural resources. Like provoleta, a thick, round slice of cow's-milk cheese charred on the grill and served sizzling hot with a topping of olive oil and herbs: it's the ultimate crusty mac and cheese, without the mac. Try boniolita de cerdo, pork shoulder wrapped in bacon and roasted in a slow clay oven for over 8 hours, or pato en confit, duck confit (also cooked in that clay oven) that's grilled until crispy. The country's chinchuline de cordero, cooked to a crunchy golden brown, could convert any offal skeptic, especially paired with one of Mendoza's famous Malbecs.

Explore Argentina along its culinary backbone. Discover the quintessential flavors of Buenos Aires and the Mendoza region through its food and wine with Taylor-Made Tours.

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"Argentine food could be summed up by one word: "beef" — the best in the world, succulent, cherry-red, healthy ..."

- travelotica.com

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