"La Nueva" Nouvelle Cuisine of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain...

It's an appetizer served in a tiny silver tin, full of pearly-pink translucent "salmon roe" that tastes, and actually is, perfectly gelled melon "eggs" with the distinct feel of caviar but the flavor of cantaloupe.

It's the ingenuity of the tapa, re-inventing the meaning, "great things come in small packages." It's the hearty saveur of cultural tradition, mixed uncannily and artistically with contemporary science. It's the Catalonia culinary revolution, and Barcelona is at the heart of the movement, not missing a single beat.

What better way to discover the distinctive culture flourishing in Barcelona than through the vibrant, explosive culinary scene?

The Barcelona Epicurean Experience, created by Taylor-Made Tours, will allow you to discover the quintessential flavors of the Catalonia region of Spain — to taste the culture of this complex Spanish region in a way that goes beyond a visit to a museum, far past the pages of a tour guide.

In our custom-designed tour featuring culinary and art opportunities not available to the public, you will be guided to understand Barcelona - its people, the food and the culture — as if you were a local yourself.

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"Barcelona is not only challenging Paris, but may have even surpassed it as the most exciting place to eat in the Old World."

- Bon Appétit Magazine

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